KG Fox Pins (KG Records Exclusive Gift)


The official pin of KG Records! Consider this your official badge. These pins are reserved for you and no one else!

I created these pins for my last tour so I could look out into the crowd and see who my people were. It was one of the coolest things each night to look out and see some of the faces that made up our label. After tour I promised I'd work on finding a way to get them to the rest of you.

Consider these pins a tiny little thank you from me to you for all your support and love <3 I am endlessly grateful for you all! 

Side note--while the pins are my gift to you, there is, unfortunately, still a shipping fee. Womp womp. That said, I've worked with my distributor to ensure we are shipping as affordably as we can.

Sending immense amounts of love! Can't wait to see you out in the world with your little foxes :)



p.s. As these pins are super special and in limited supply, please only order a pin for yourself! If you joined KG Records with a partner, friend, organization, or your family, please limit to two foxes so there's enough to go around. Thank you! <3

We ship internationally! Unfortunately, it does cost an arm and a leg :( We live on a pretty big planet and it costs a lot to move things around it, but it can be done! You can proceed through to the shipping page to see the cost before deciding whether or not to complete your purchase.

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